This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Click the image to download the app


This Pro version (ad free) of the popular Classroom Quiz Master app allows the Teacher (or responsible adult) to take on the role of a Quiz Question Master (or game show host) with the class/students taking on the role of the contestants.


It includes 5 additional features to make the app even more engaging in the classroom.

The contestants are divided into two teams. They are presented with quizzes and questions that the teacher (or Quiz Master) has already entered into the app. The teams compete against each other to win the quiz.


The winners are the team who get the most questions correct from any particular quiz. A quiz can consist of up to 10 questions. The lite version of the app is limited to 3 quizzes, although quizzes can be added or deleted at any time.



The contestants are presented with the question on the screen. They provide the answer and then the teacher either taps on the correct or incorrect button. Their scores are recorded by the Quiz Master App being displayed graphically on the scoreboard.


Background music, sound effects and animation all combine to bring this app to life in the classroom.

This "Pro" version of the app also includes the following additional features:

  • A 10 second timer to encourage a student to provide an answer quickly.
  • An option to create unlimited Quizzes (limited only by the available disk space on your device).
  • An option to create unlimited questions to any particular quiz. Note: each quiz is limited to 10 active questions which you can choose.
  • The students (contestants) to choose their own name team names.
  • A randomize function for questions to be delivered in a different order each time a quiz is used.


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