This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Click the image to download the app!


Do you need to divide your class (or a part of your class) into a number of groups (or teams) for class activities?


Why not do this in a Fun and Engaging way with the Random Team Selector Pro App?


Simply create a class group, enter the names of your students, select how many teams you want to divide them into (2, 4 or 8 teams) and then choose from one of the built-in theme swith it's own animations and sound effects to keep the app fresh and exciting for students.

The integration with the cloud (Free Dropbox account required) means class groups can be shared (synced) across a number of devices using the same Dropbox account.

  • The names of the Students will be displayed randomly and automatically allocated into a team.
  • The custom graphics, sound effects and animations will ensure the students never get bored.
  • An unlimited number of class groups of up to 32 “active” students in each group is supported.

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  • Student names can be made active and non-active if you only want to include a subset of the class.
  • Student names are easily created and deleted.


This Pro version of the app helps with the entry of Classes (Groups) and Students (Group members) by allowing the teacher to import Groups and Names from either a text file or a CSV file.


You can import tens or even hundreds of names in one go!

There is a feedback form in the app to report any issues directly to the developers or to request changes or enhancements to the app.

We encourage you to use this as we want to make this app the best it can be!


Any Questions? Click Here to Check out our FAQ page!