How to Use Random Team Selector

You can choose to split your Class (or Group of Children) into 2, 4 or 8 Teams. Follow the steps below to insert the Groups of children into the App. Once you have done this once they will be available to be allocated into Teams numerous times.

  1. First create a group by tapping on the settings icon towards the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Once in the settings screen tap on the plus button by the word “Groups”.
  3. To add members to the group tap on the plus sign in the group members section.
  4. Type the name then tap return.
  5. Repeat this until you have populated the group.
  6. You can now:
    • Select the Theme you wish to use
    • Select the Number of Teams to use
    • Decide if you want to switch specific “Team members” on or off
  7. Tap the “Play” button to go to the main screen
  8. All you need to do now is tap the “?” button to display the names and have them automatically allocated to the relevant Team.

Points to Note:

  • You can create as many groups with as many members as you want.
  • The names will be displayed in a random order.
  • Group members can be switched ON/OFF on the settings screen. If a name is switched OFF it will not be selected.
  •  The selections will finish once all active group members have been displayed.
  • Groups and Group members can be deleted by:
    • Tapping on the “-” button on the iPad
    • Swiping to the left on the iPhone / iPod Touch
  • The “Jungle” and “Metal” themes are FREE in the App. Other Themes can be either purchased individually or ALL Themes can be purchased. Note: Purchasing one or more Themes means the Ads will be automatically removed from the App.

Please Enjoy the “Random Team Selector App”!….. and give us Feedback on how we can improve it by tapping the “Contact Us” button on the information Screen. We will work to include requested features in future versions.